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At AR Laprade, we are the main sellers for our Rotoscreen machines. Our family business attaches great importance to the proximity with its customers to offer a service  personalized and of superior quality. Come directly to the workshop located on the edge of Highway 20 or call us to benefit from the renowned ROTOSCREEN machines.



After purchasing a rotoscreen machine, A.R. Laprade gives itself the mandate to meet the needs of its customers.


We offer our customers the opportunity to rent our easy to use  machines.


With its large number of customers, A.R. Laprade can source quality used machines and offer customers a second-hand rotoscreen at a better price.



In 2000, this company moved into a new, larger assembly plant, still in Coteau-du-Lac, along Highway 20, on Chemin Rivière Delisle Nord. In 2003, with only about fifteen employees, it manufactured more than sixty (60) screeners per year, sold across North America for $60,000 each. At a time when environmental protectors were shouting from the rooftops that cultivated land had to be preserved, a family business in Coteau-du-Lac, with limited means but benefiting from expertise to make people blush envy the big multinationals, making rain or shine with its versatile machine called "Roto Screen" which was used to decontaminate soil, to sift compost, earth, sand, gravel, by extracting, stumps, glass, branches, roots, car debris and even grape seeds. In Ontario, an automobile windshield manufacturer uses Coteau-du-Lac screeners to recover glass. Several mining companies in Abitibi and Labrador have installed sieve collectors to sort reusable metals.


AR Laprade News

The 454 series III 

The new Deutz diesel engine allows the Rotoscreen customer to sift through products with the most profit possible.

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Contact Us

For any questions, call us at: (450)-763-1010  or send us a message below.


48 Delisle North River Road

Coteau-du-Lac, Qc, Canada


Email :

Tel: 450-763-1010


To apply, send your CV to the following e-mail address:

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