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The Roto-Screen screener is designed to be stronger and more versatile than other screens currently on the market. It is easy to
transport, easier to use and offers cost savings never seen with other comparable machines. Coupled with its high reliability, the RotoScreen keeps screening revenue where it should be… in your pocket.



Roto-Screen's power is a rugged, dependable and economical diesel work horse made by DEUTZ® . This Sturdy motor is specially designed to withstand the dustiest of conditions. Its Air Cooled engine ensures low maintenance. The DEUTZ® F4L912, a 4 cylinder Air Cooled Engine rated at 65hp, with one of the best fuel consumption in its class. PERFORMANCE: 85 - 150TPH depending on material and screen size. (Avg. 100TPH)

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  • Change sieving size in 20 minutes

  •  Stores product up to 14 feet high or directly in trucks

  • Very sturdy machine

  •  Load the machine from each side with the loader or excavator

  •  Downhill variable speed belt feeder

  •  Variable speed on drum and exit belt

  •  Flapper drum cleaning device  Drum tire drive, absorb shock

  •  Retractable tow hitch for on-site or highway travel

  •  Bolt-on drum extension available to make more products

  •  Replacement drums are very affordable

Main applications


bill buffaloe
of Buffaloe Grading Co.
North Carolina.

"Simple, uncomplicated machine to run. It does a great job and has been trouble free."

Bob Hammond
of Hammond Construction

  south carolina

" Best value machine on the market. No place for sticks to get caught up, feed it in and material comes straight out."

Dwight Daughtry
of DC Excavating

"Roto-Screen handles palm root systems well and oversize is clean for burning and grinding."

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