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Parts for sale at AR Laprade

We have all the parts for your Roto-Screen!

At AR Laprade we make sure we have all the parts needed to extend the life of our machines. We are the easiest and fastest way to buy a replacement part that is ready to install without adjustment or other wasted time.


Our customers have the chance to obtain ''ready to work'' drum with different screen sizes to have a complete arsenal that can sift everything you want. With the simplicity of our machines, you can change drum within 20 minutes. We also offer single screen.



In order to keep the Roto-Screen in good condition, the bearings need to be in good condition. They will ensure a good rotation of the different assemblies in the machine.



The rollers are crucial parts for the proper functioning of the rotoscreen. For this reason, we always have rolls ready to ship to our customers.



For optimum screening quality, it is important to have the correct screen size in good condition. We stock over twenty different screens sizes to ensure that all customers are satisfied.



The belt is a part exposed to wear, depending on the material and the frequency that the machine is used. We have belts for all our rotoscreen machines as well as the lacings that come with them.


Engine/spare part and more!

Indeed, we have hundreds of parts in stock to help you out. For example: couplings, sprockets, tire, hub assembly, brushes/brooms, fabricated parts, universal joints, hydraulic equipment, etc. All these parts arrive at your home, ready to be installed on your rotoscreen.

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